Frogponds introduces Professional Learning with Maria Coate

Frogponds introduces Professional Learning with Maria Coate | FrogPonds

Maria is a Masters aligned Education and Leadership Professional with a broad, transferable set of skills and professional credentials applicable across different sectors.

Maria is a progressive leader with over three-decades experience in teaching and learning, curriculum writing, middle and senior school management teams, school principal, consultant to various public and independent sector education authorities and professional associations, author of three secondary school texts, university tutor and WACE/university examination marker, education board and committee member and education thought leader, can deal with international, public and private institutions all over the world, performing well in high-pressure, competitive environments.

 A polished and enthusiastic achiever with a solid background in providing education products and services combined with outstanding student academic results.

Maria is a well-rounded, bi-lingual, culturally aware professional who is highly skilled in solving education and business problems for organisations, clients and other stakeholders. Maria is committed to improving life quality on the individual, organisational and community level.

Her journey has brought her to Frogponds as Global Education Consultant. We are delighted that Maria will be offering Professional Learning Opportunities in 2021.

If you are interested in face to face PL, please express your interest here for our WA partners.

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