What is the purpose of education?

What is the purpose of education? | FrogPonds

There are many definitions of education and equally many views as to what its purpose is. For me, education comes down to three simple words: Grow from Within.

If our students are to grow from within then we need to consider how that can be achieved in this day and age. It is 2 February 2021. We are living in the fourth industrial revolution. We are living in uncertain times. We need to redefine our purpose.

I encourage our education leaders to consider what this education might look like. In doing this, we need to consider defining new models of education. We need to shift ‘learning content’ and ‘learning experiences’ towards the needs of the future.

In terms of learning content, we need to develop built in mechanisms for skills adaptation in the following areas: global citizenship, innovation and creativity, technology and interpersonal skills. 

In terms of learning experiences, we need to leverage innovative pedagogies in personalised and self-paced learning, accessible and inclusive learning, problem-based and collaborative learning and life-long and student-driven learning. 

We need to be looking at Schools of the Future and be inspired by those schools around the world that are experimenting with different methodologies. They look different, feel different and are different. What makes these models unique? What are their enabling mechanisms? What are their measures of success? I am personally on this process of discovery as an educator and leader.

There is an urgent need to update education systems to equip children with the skills to navigate the future of schools, work and societies. 

As a life-long, passionate educator, I invite you to join me on this transformational journey.

Whilst appearing to be just for educators, this call to action is for all stakeholders – the government sector, the private sector and members of the community.

Maria Coate

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