What sorts of things can I ask for on Frogponds?

Pretty much anything you need to buy for your school, childcare centre or higher education institution. We have suppliers for almost everything!

How many responses can I expect?

This depends on the items you are looking for and the time frame you set. Some products are supplied by lots of suppliers and others are not as popular.

Is there ever any cost for buyers?

None at all. That’s the beauty of Frogponds, we really do save you time and money.

What if I get too many responses?

If you’re finished with your selection you can close the quote request so responses are no longer received.

Does Frogponds check suppliers before signing them up?

All our suppliers need to provide an ABN and contact details before they can become members, however we do not take responsibility for any transactions or supplier actions.

I need something delivered on a certain day and it’s really important, can Frogponds help?

When you post your request make sure you set the delivery date and the expiry date. In the comments section make it clear you need delivery on that day so suppliers are prepared.

Can I refer suppliers to Frogponds?

Yes, if you let them know you post requests on Frogponds they can join and ‘follow’ you so they are ready to reply.

Will I need to renew my membership?

Your membership will stay open indefinitely so unless your details change there is no need to renew or update.

I would really like to see a new feature on Frogponds, can I give feedback?

YES…absolutely YES. We built this to make procurement easier and more efficient for suppliers and buyers so please feel free to give us feedback! We love it.

Any more Questions?

We would love to hear from you. Please send us a message and our team will get back to you.