The Team

Who is behind Frogponds?

Frogponds was founded by Alison and Jodie in Perth, Western Australia. They started with a drive to solve challenges they had faced themselves, an idea coupled with a lot of enthusiasm and quickly gathered a talented team to help them bring it to reality.

With careers in education, business development, accountancy and technology the Frogponds team all bring different strengths and abilities that combine to create the best for our customers.

Frogponds are incredibly grateful to the team of advisors, the investors, the believers and the amazingly patient first members who contributed and continue to shape this solution.

Below is our team but behind us is a community we are proud to be a part of.

Hello there - let us introduce ourselves

Alison Welsh | Team Frogponds. Sourcing Made Simple
Alison, CEO

I believe sourcing ethically with social conscience will have a profound impact on the economy, the community and future generations. Making it simple and easy to do so is my goal. As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Frogponds it is my privilege to be part of the awesome team behind the Frogponds service. Being a creative person I enjoy solving challenges and that's what Frogponds does for so many people.

Captain Marvel Fan
Jodie Rybicki | Team Frogponds. Sourcing Made Simple
Jodie, COO

Equality and integrity should be bigger drivers in decision making, that's why I co-created Frogponds. Offering organisations the opportunity to deal with a range of suppliers, including local, female led, indigenous and environmentally friendly is important to me. I am passionate about social justice and enthusiastic about change. I am a details focussed person, so my list making skills and post it note collection are frequently called upon to work towards the greater good.

Favourite extinct megafauna is the Diprotodon
Karen Connolly | Team Frogponds. Sourcing Made Simple
Karen, CBDM

"Whatever's for you will never go past you" is my favourite saying. A chance meeting with the Co-Founders of Frogponds led to a much greater destiny. Working alongside like-minded individuals, with aligned values to truly make a difference is what Frogponds is all about. As head of business development, my passion lies in driving growth through working consultatively with my clients and business partners, understanding their key challenges to deliver mutually beneficial solutions.

The harder you work, the luckier you get.
Amel Holic | Team Frogponds. Sourcing Made Simple
Amel, CTO

As the CTO of Frogponds, I deal with all the technical aspects of the company, which includes being responsible for the technical roadmap of the Frogponds software. I am also the co-founder of BlueSky Digital Labs - a custom software development company based in Perth, where I find myself in my element mentoring the junior developers, and delight in seeing them succed. My ethics, integrity, and honesty is what drives my success.

Solve the problem first, before writing code