The Frogponds Team

Frogponds are an eclectic mix of technical genius, intense dedication to customer service and the skills to make good stuff happen. With backgrounds in Education, business development, technology and leadership we have created a platform to service needs we have experienced first hand.

Our values are Integrity, Fun, Simplicity and Equality. We quite like wine and coffee too.

Alison Welsh
B. Arts (Education) Hon.

Chief Executive Officer

Alison began her career in teaching before diverting to child care management, professional learning and sales. She is known for her creativity and has utilised this to design learning experiences that provoke critical thinking and the authentic use of technology. Her experience as a business development manager led to the creation of Frogponds when she saw solutions for both sides of the procurement process. Nothing is more important to Alison than the happiness and success of those around her.

Jodie Rybicki
B. Sci, B. Arts (Education)
Grad Cert eLearning 

Chief Operating Officer

 Jodie is a highly qualified and  experienced educator with a passion for details. Her extensive career spans early learning through to university lecturing and beyond. As a professional learning consultant she designed and facilitated workshops and coaching programs to support teachers integrating digital technologies in the classroom. Jodie brings a wealth of experience not only in education but across business and technology after four years in account management and procurement. Those that know Jodie appreciate her ability to express deep sentiment with a single facial expression.

Alex Dunmow

Chief Technology Officer

From a young age Alex has always had a love for software development and creative digital expression. Fueled by a passion that started by learning to program game modifications for the classic shooter Quake, Alex has been programming since he was 9 and professionally involved in the technology industry since he was 17. With a career that has been focused on automating business processes, with a highlight on building software that intelligently manages and empowers its users, Alex has been responsible for large savings and improved productivity in almost every role he’s held. 

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